Venture Capital is a form of project financing that investors provide to start-up companies and small businesses that have long-term growth potential. In case of start-up companies without access to capital markets, Venture Capital is the primary source of funding such business.

The first step for any company seeking a Venture Capital solution is to submit a business plan. If a particular investor is interested in the offer, then an in- depth analysis is carried out which includes, among others, examining the business model, products, management and operational history. On completion of the above-mentioned analysis, the investor undertakes to invest his money in exchange for shares of the company. The investor takes an active role in the financial activity of a particular company. Because capital is usually provided in rounds, the investor must be sure that the project will reach certain stages before he provides the next portion of capital. The investor "leaves" the company after some time, usually after 4-6 years after the initial investment, through merger, acquisition or after the initial public offering (IPO).

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Venture Capital - Financing by ASA Polska S.A.

ASA Polska S.A., believing in the potential of small businesses and new enterprises, offers Venture Capital, which is an ideal solution enabling creation and rapid development of your business. Through the Venture Capital formula, we develop proprietary projects as part of the Smart Cities concept (smart solutions for cities) by combining solutions with the public sphere and as Norda Partner S.A. we offer solutions supporting local government units within the concept of the Local Government Operator by optimizing purchases and media management: electric power, gas, water, heat.

In addition to financial capital, we guarantee the provision of the highest quality services through professional cooperation with international experts. Your success is also our success - let's create it together. We encourage you to contact us!